Slicing Pie Dynamic Equity

What is Slicing Pie?

Slicing Pie is a model which creates a perfectly fair equity split in an early-stage, bootstrapped start-up. “Traditional, old-fashioned equity splits are based on guesses about the future, negotiation skills and rules-of-thumb. Dynamic Equity is different because it’s based on what participants actually contribute over time.”

Slicing Pie is based on a simple principle: a person’s % share of the rewards should always be equal to that person’s % share of contribution.

Your interests will be perfectly aligned with the other members of the team, so if you like the team and the business, you can rest assured that your money, time or other contributions will be handled with perfect fairness.

If you want to create a working environment that is dominated by trust, fairness and cooperation where everyone has aligned incentives Slicing Pie is the solution

What is the value of Gatherings.Voyage equity?

Gatherings.Voyage itself is not a start-up but an organisation which builds and accelerates start-ups. We take a 10% ownership stake in each of the start-ups we create. Because the startups we create are focused on building real businesses, we believe we will have a quite high success rate in getting them to be real revenue businesses. As we are looking to build businesses viable for the long term, the equity ownership in the voyage has great potential of long-term pay-out.

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