Online Gathering Spaces

Gathering together is basic human nature. We are a collective species, we think together, we decide together, we learn together, we create together, we celebrate together, we mourn together.

In the 21st century we are learning how to do a lot of this online

In the physical world many of the spaces we build are designed for a particular kind of gathering – classrooms, meeting rooms, cafes, churches, memorial halls, wedding halls, doctor’s offices – there is a gathering .

  • In the real world we build many different physical spaces designed for particular kinds of gatherings – classrooms, cafes, churches, concert halls, convention centres, therapy rooms…
  • Different gatherings have different purposes, rituals, flows, roles and expectations of attendees – we need online tools which support these.
  • We know how much space matters, but online, for live video gatherings, we are given one-size-fits-all uniform, bland, meeting space designed for work meetings.
  • Clearly the next step in online development is to create specific spaces for specific kinds of gatherings, just as we do with spaces in the physical world.

We can imagine many types of live-online-video-gatherings spaces, each one with peculiar and fit for purpose features, for example:

collaborate with great people, build global relationships, learn distributed team work, HAVE FUN! learn how to create a remote startup, ideate startups, design and launch online businesses
do what you love with great people