Gatherings.voyage is a global online collaboration and unique programme that will create and accelerate and number Real Business Start-Ups. The businesses will form an ecosystem and all be focussed on building for-purpose virtual gathering environments.


  • Our vision is to put in to practice in an online accelerator our combined wisdom and best practice from the future-of-work industry and making this available to real entrepreneurs who want to build real business and enable better human connection online.

Remote StartUps (Distributed Teams )

  • We are a fully-remote collaboration and the businesses which we will create will also be fully-remote.
  • For teams meet periodically in person for strategic summits and building human connection is really nice to have. It’s not possible in the current climate and this was part of the inception call for gatherings.voyage however we may consider some physical meet ups in the future.
  • Fully remote teams are great because:
    • Each of us can live physcially exactly where we want to ( which for many of us in countryside, close to nature)
    • We can be open to collaborators joining from around the world.
    • We can collaborate and create businesses despite COVID-19 travel limitations
    • We create a much lower impact on the environment by reduced commuting. No office space required.
  • The future will favour businesses which are able to fully utilise the advantages of remote work, and Gatherings.Voyage is at the leading edge of this revolution.

Work-for-Shares Dynamic Equity

We are building Gatherings.voyage together as a collaboration based on the slicing pie model, with each of us working for equity only. Read more about our dynamic equity model.

Real Businesses Start-Ups

Real businesses make products and sell them for a profit. They focus on customers, revenue and profitability not investors, valuations and the next fundable milestone. Read more about our vision of a new kind of start-up.

collaborate with great people, build global relationships, learn distributed team work, HAVE FUN! learn how to create a remote startup, ideate startups, design and launch online businesses
do what you love with great people