start-up studio & accelerator

We are building the next generation of online live-video gathering spaces.

Since their inception, online gatherings have been the same – impersonal, bland, and rigid. Human connections are limited by platforms. It does not have to be like that.

We believe it is about time online gatherings became more personal – we strive to enable better conversations, richer more enjoyable co-creation, celebration and, collaboration through online spaces designed to connect people beyond the confines of specific platforms.

We are founding a start-up studio & accelerator programme to build a fleet of start-ups that will working on evolving online places to the next generation of human gatherings.

Our team brings together decades of experience facilitating remote collaborations and charting the future-of-work. We’re launching a fully online accelerator powered by all our experience to support 100% online teams in building the next generation of human gathering.

collaborate with great people, build global relationships, learn distributed team work, HAVE FUN! learn how to create a remote startup, ideate startups, design and launch online businesses
do what you love with great people


Every human interaction is complemented by the space it takes place in and all spaces are built for their own set of rituals, e.g. Churches, classrooms, funeral homes, healthcare clinics, birthday parties have their own little ceremonies that create the atmosphere they happen in.

However, online, we have a handful of all-purpose video conferencing solutions that feel like trying to have a birthday party inside an office cubicle.

this makes no sense!

What if we could tailor online gatherings to suit their settings? What if we could introduce rituals to these gatherings? What if we could tailor these interactions to fit the atmosphere?

the vision

We are going to launch a fleet of startups to build the next generation of software solutions for live online gatherings; new online spaces facilitating connection, conversation, and co-creation.

Spaces designed for humans to dream, collaborate, play, learn, co-create, celebrate, and express themselves free from worry of adhering to a platform. Spaces that let us build meaningful connections, to support and find supported.

Spaces which that focus on better human relationships, instead of forcing humans relatinoships to revolve around software.

why now?

Covid19 has reshuffled the priority deck for everyone, especially for remote gathering startups. While the wider economy goes into shock there will be opportunities for fast movers.

Familiarity and acceptance of video conferences technology by a much wider segment of the populations is creating openness towards online gatherings that will persist ever after lockdowns end.

The playing field has been levelled globally as no one really saw a worldwide health pandemic coming. That is why we are moving fast to create this accelerator now.

The technology is ready

  • webRTC, W3C, wide adoption of standards enabling browser-based video chat to be competitive with native app user experience
  • Remote offices are the future, that has always been known, however, only it has become the present.
  • Building a successfully distributed team requires new skills in collaboration and communication, making the creation of a fully distributed start-up even more challenging.
  • has a fully-distributed team and works entirely with remote startups entirely. is dogfooding what it preaches. We are a remote team, sharing dynamic equity using the state-of-the-art tools and methodologies that we will use in the accelerator.
  • Join us!
  • By providing mentorship and advice from experts in building remote organisations, we will enable our startups to thrive remote operations.
  • accelerated teams will have a serious advantage.
  • The accelerator supports and guides a fleet of startups on a journey of growth and development.
  • The startup-studio will create start ups from ideation through market validation and team building, creating acceleration-ready companies.
  • accelerator will provide a supportive environment and resources to enable start-ups to bring to market and grow their business, while other players are still reeling from the shock of lockdown.

Opportunity 2020

  • Corona is forcing us to quickly adapt to online gatherings making humanity more open to further experimentation in times of uncertainty. While the world is in peril, this opportunity has landed on us like a tonne of bricks.

collaborate with great people, build global relationships, learn distributed team work, HAVE FUN! learn how to create a remote startup, ideate startups, design and launch online businesses
do what you love with great people